Housekeeping ColeraineDomestic tasks can compromise our leisure time, and the feeling of our time being eaten up by chores is frustrating. See what Housekeeping Services at Causeway Cleaning Ltd can do for you and get a personal quote today.

Our housekeeping specialist consultant will meet you personally to build a cleaning regime that suits your personal needs, offering anything from doing the weekly shopping or feeding pets to steam cleaning curtains, industrial oven cleaning or even clearing out your fridge. We take the chores out of leisure time.

Our Housekeeping Services – An Eye for Detail!

  • We offer all standard domestic cleaning services and, on top of that, tailor housekeeping services according to your needs. We can ensure you receive a regular housekeeping team so that you can build your trust and rapport with your personal aides.
  • All housekeeping services are provided through our vetted reliable and trained cleaning staff
  • The highest level of service is guaranteed through our supervisory management who call and inspect cleaning.
  • A personal maid service that keeps in touch with you to ensure you are satisfied, amending or up-dating your cleaning schedule, ensuring you don’t even have to think about up-coming events such as post Christmas oven cleaning, pre-holiday shopping or post-holiday laundry.
  • A complete maid service – we not only clean, we can also organise and tidy.
  • Organising and collection for dry cleaning, shoe re-heeling, hemming and mending clothing.
  • Leaving Bins out for collection if away or constantly forgetting.

You can rely on us to ensure your laundry is collected and delivered safely. Contact us now for an up to date price list.


If you have any questions you would like to ask Causeway Cleaning Ltd Northern Ireland then please feel free to contact us on 028 9560 0105.

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