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Hard Floor Cleaning Northern Ireland

With the volume of foot traffic in your building, it doesn’t take long for your hard surface floors to become dingy and dull. While a mop will remove some of the dirt and grime from your floors, it will not restore the shine. Causeway Cleaning offers hard floor cleaning services designed to clean your floors and restore their original lustre and vitality. Rely on our floor cleaning specialists to strip and wax, scrub and recoat and high-speed burnish your hard flooring.

Our Hard Floor Cleaning Services – We do what a MOP can’t!

  • We choose the right number of employees and equipment for each order to perform the service quickly but effectively. We work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. We also wash office floors at night and on weekends.
  • Stage one (preparation) – inspection of the stone floor (a type of stone, wear, a height of faults) and protection of walls and elements on the floor (furniture, doors, walls, everything that is within the range of the machine splash).
  • Stage two (grinding) – is the proper grinding of the floor with the use of higher and higher gradations of diamonds. Thanks to polishing, we give the floor a mirror shine.
  • Stage three (polishing and impregnation) – this is the final stage of work. We use diamond discs with a small gradation, which polish the floor to achieve the final, mirror gloss. Then apply impregnating layers, which create a hard, intensely shiny coating that protects the stone and facilitates subsequent maintenance.
  • A complete service for floor types as a

    Travertine Floor

    Slate Floor

    Lime Stone


    Ceramic and Porcelain

  • The coating protects the floor surfaces, preventing them from staining, penetration of moisture, salt, cement stains, etc.
  • The cleaning price is only a small percentage of the cost of making a new floor, so it is worth investing in professionals.

We will clean your home to the highest standard and perform housekeeping duties as required. Contact Causeway Cleaning Northern Ireland now for a free no-obligation quote from one of the most trusted cleaning companies Northern Ireland has to offer.