Anti-Bacteria & Virus Killer

£14.99 + VAT

  • Anti-microbial for killing bacteria & viruses
  • Odourless
  • Suitable for eating areas
  • Use for spraying, foaming, ULV fogging and wiping


Water-based anti-microbial with a broad-spectrum kill and residual control. Suitable for white to grey water contaminations. Effective against micro-control of Paeruginosa, E-coli, S.Aureas, Enterococcus hirea, Bacillus subtillis, Asperigilus niger, Salmonella, Legionella pneumophilia and many more.

Use for spraying, foaming, ULV fogging and wiping. Can be added to some detergents for extra protection or washing of electronics. Odour-free so is suitable for food areas and areas where deodorisation is not required. Ready to use.

Appearance: Clear Liquid

Fragrance: Odourless