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Special Cleaning Services

Northern Ireland

Causeway Cleaning Ltd is dedicated to deliver the best service possible. All services are carried out by professional fully insured operatives.

Working in partnership with other established and high quality domestic services providers we can organise and manage any cleaning service requirements with checked references and risk assessments we take the hassle out of a holistic approach to on/off site cleaning requirements.

Maintenance and Upkeep Issues

are easily organised and managed with our daily task lists or weekly reminders to keep your environment as clean as we leave it.

We can assist with guidance on how to maintain cleanliness with our comprehensive consultancy service.

Causeway Cleaning Ltd Northern Ireland encompasses a personal touch, building the service around your needs and offering a flexibility in chores that no-one else can.

From the mundane tasks of shopping, laundry, pet feeding or bed making services to the more specialist professional requirements such as hard wood floor varnishing, carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning or administrative re-organisation, organisation and efficiency are the bedrock of a smooth operation.

All our staff are trained in relation to the correct use of products and we can ensure health and safety procedures are followed so no risk is passed to you. Not only are our employees vetted, references are checked and we also carry full public and employee liability insurance.

Conntact Causeway Cleaning Northern Ireland now for a free no-obligation quote from one of the most trusted cleaning companies Northern Ireland has to offer.

Disinfection, Decontamination and Sanitising Services

Responding to the current needs of our customers, Causeway Cleaning Service Team has been trained to be able to provide the most needed service which is the disinfection of homes, workplaces, public places, and all those in which we stay.

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Fire Damage and Smoke Cleaning

When fire strikes your business or home, you can rely on Causeway Cleaning Ltd to clean up the mess…and the smell. Our customers are assured of the highest possible levels of cleaning and restoration work, delivered with respect, responsibility, integrity, excellence and expertise.

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Water Damage Clean

Flood and water damage can cause havoc to your business or your home. Whatever the source – a burst pipe, a river flood or a sewage spill – you can rely on Causeway Cleaning Ltd to clean up the mess…and the smell.

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Mould Removal

At Cleaning Contractors NI, we don’t just remove unsightly black mould from your home or business premises. We diagnose the root cause of the mould and use leading-edge technology to prevent it from recurring.

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Odour Removal

There are few things worse than pungent smells. Whether from smoke, sweat, mildew, urine or pets, repellent odours are off-putting, unpleasant and unsanitary – potentially even a health threat. Cleaning Contractors NI can source, solve and banish odours from homes, offices and public spaces, making them clean and breathable once more.

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Trauma, Bio Hazard and CSI

Cleaning up bio hazards after an accident or a traumatic death is a deeply unpleasant task. It requires a considerable amount of training and specialist knowledge and is not for the faint hearted. Causeway Cleaning Ltd specialise in this area and we can help.

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Carpet Repair Services

Carpet Repair Services With Stunning Results. Carpets don’t come cheap and for that reason alone, homeowners hope to get as many years as they possibly can from the carpet they have. Unfortunately accidents happen and carpets do get damaged.

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Carpet Colour Repair

Have your carpet faded over the years? Or has it got a bleaching stain? Perhaps your carpet or favourite rug has a persistent stain that different carpet cleaners have failed to remove? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, it’s time to call on the carpet colour repair service from Causeway Cleaning Ltd, the cost-effective alternative to replacing your carpet.

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