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Clean Solutions to Dirty Problems

Under HSE regulations, all bodily fluids are regarded as biohazards, so any blood or tissue at a scene must be viewed as a potential source of infection. The Causeway Cleaning Ltd team can restore a scene to its original state quickly, quietly and discretely. We will get rid of odours and remove soiled or stained material, while minimising any distress to families, property owners and staff. Our goal is to ensure peace of mind for all concerned.

We Won’t Make a Drama Out of a Crisis

Once a trauma or crime scene has been released by the police service or the coroners’ office, the responsibility for thorough cleaning falls on the property owner or manager and their staff. This task can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with shock or grief. It often exceeds the capabilities of conventional cleaning staff. However, this is when you can rely on Causeway Cleaning Ltd., equipped with trained trauma cleaners, to provide the necessary help and expertise in such sensitive situations.

Ethical and Respectful

Our team of crime scene cleaners is highly experienced in working in crime scene environments and places where there has been traumatic death. Each member can be relied on to act in a responsible and compassionate manner at all times, even when responding to the most challenging forensic cleaning tasks. This is no idle claim – we hold the prestigious IICRC certification (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) which means our customers are assured of the highest possible levels of cleaning and restoration work, delivered with respect, responsibility, integrity, excellence and expertise. As specialists in crime scene cleanup, we recognise the unique challenges and sensitivities associated with such situations.

How We Work

Our service is characterised by a compassionate, caring and thoroughly professional approach. Once on the scene, we use the correct protective clothing, equipment, cleaning agents and techniques to carry out deep cleaning that ensures our team’s safety and the safety of others. We are trusted by many businesses, agencies, and public bodies to deliver trauma cleaning services discreetly and to the highest standards.

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Trusted Trauma and CSI Clean-Up Services Along the North Coast

We specialise in compassionate and professional trauma and crime scene cleanup services. Our experienced team is dedicated to discreetly and thoroughly addressing the aftermath of traumatic incidents. We understand the unique challenges posed by these situations, and we're here to provide ethical and respectful solutions.

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What makes us special.

Did you know?

Have you bought a luxurious carpet or rug from Ulster Carpets, Axeminister or another leading carpet retailer?

You need to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year by a WoolSafe® approved technician to maintain your warranty.

Causeway Cleaning is one of only two WoolSafe® approved technicians in Northern Ireland.

Commitment to Excellence:

Due to our commitment to continuous learning, Causeway Cleaning stands out as one of the most accredited and highly trained companies in Northern Ireland.

WoolSafe® Approved Technicians

We are one of only two WoolSafe® approved technicians in Northern Ireland.

Industry Accreditations

Causeway Cleaning is highly trained and accredited, holding certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration and CleanSeal®.

National Carpet Cleaning Association Member

Causeway Cleaning is also an Advance member of the National Carpet Cleaning Association and a Trade Mark assured company.

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Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

We’ll get your place sparkling in no time at all.

Our highly trained cleaning technicians will get to work, taking great care and ensuring you’re happy with the results.

Cleaned, sanitised and looking brand new.

With the latest cleaning technology in machinery and products, we’ll have your home or premises cleaned and sanitised in no time at all.

Why you’ll love Causeway Cleaning

Two decades of experience

Customers repeatedly choose Causeway Cleaning because we get sparkling results every time.

Committed and trustworthy

You won’t want just anyone in your home. Our team are honest, reliable, and trustworthy, and we’ll treat your home or premises with the utmost care and respect.

Highly trained

Cleaning is our passion, and our team benefits from regular training to keep on top of trends and technologies. No standing still here!

We’ll work around your busy life

You’re juggling work, family, and everyday life. We’re happy to work around your busy schedule to minimise hassle or downtime.


We’re easy to deal with and won’t confuse you with cleaning jargon. We’ll tell you what we think you need, why you need it, and your options.

Tailored advice

Every home and commercial premise is different, with its own set of circumstances. That’s why all our advice is tailored to you.

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Trauma, Biohazard and CSI Cleaning

Reliable, flexible and professional cleaning company based in Northern Ireland.

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